Car Parts Name: Learn the Vocabulary of Popular Names of Car Part

A car is an automobile with a massive range of spare parts worked up in its body. Due to the wide variety of spare parts, it becomes incredibly challenging to be aware of the car parts. A car is made of multiple body parts. With so many parts, it becomes incredibly difficult to remember and know of the countless number of car parts.

You can check your luxury car’s health with the proper knowledge about your car body parts. Apart from the standard car parts such as wiper blades, tyers, and windscreen, you need to know numerous essential car components.
This blog has summed up 11 integral car parts that every car owner needs to know.

  1. Hood: It is an exterior spare part placed over the engine of the car to protect it from any foreign objects and allows engine repair and maintenance access. Every car has a different hood made up of steel or aluminium.

  2. Radiator and Radiator Support: The radiator is one of the essential parts of the car. It helps to maintain car temperature and prevents it from overheating. They are present in the car’s cooling system, which removes the access heat generated by the constant movement of the car engine. The radiator is supported by a system called radiator support. It keeps the radiator close to the engine, ensuring that the engine the engine has proper access to the coolent.

  3. Header and Nose Panel: It is a metal sheet support present in the front of the car that allows to mounting of the grille, headlights, turn signals, and other front-facing parts. It is essential as it holds the front gears and looks of the car. The header and Nose Panel can easily get rusted over time or can get distracted by an accidental collision.

  4. Headlights: One of the most common yet crucial car parts every car owner should take care of. These are lights located at the front of the car on both sides to brighten the road ahead. Headlights make it easier and safer to navigate the road. These lights come in various styles, including halogen, LED, laser, and others.

  5. Bumpers: Bumpers are metal structures on the car’s rear end that absorb any minor collisions. They tend to reduce possible repair costs and are pretty simple to maintain.

  6. Grilles: Grilles is a metal structure that looks like a car’s teeth and covers the opening in the body, allowing air to pass in and out smoothly. Grilles are generally placed in front of the car to protect the radiator and engine.

  7. Piston: A piston is a spare part that allows the car to move. A piston starts working when the gas travels through the combustion chamber. Generally, a car has 6 to 7 pistons that move simultaneously, allowing the crankshaft to spin and causing the car tyres to rotate. The car engine’s speed is determined by how the piston moves.

  8. Air Filter: Air Filters restrict insects, dust, sand, or waste particles from hampering the engine working. It maintains a clean combination of air and fuel to sustain the car’s high performance. Materials used to make Air filters include cotton, synthetic paper, or foam, which are critical for clean fuel.

  9. Engine Fan: One of a car’s most reliable spare parts is the engine fan. The primary purpose of an engine fan is to help the radiator and condenser cool down to maintain the car’s temperature. A routine clean-up of the engine fan can help improve the car’s performance.

  10. Oil Filter: Oil Filters are responsible for removing any fuel contaminants to enhance a car’s performance. The filter separates pollutants, dirt, and waste particles from the fresh oil to keep the engine operating smoothly.

  11. Axle: A metal shaft responsible for the movement of the tires is called Axle. Constructed with heavy metal, it is a challenging component to break but should be replaced or repaired in case of any damage. The gearbox assists in turning the Axle, which in response turns the wheel.

Take Away

Every car owner must understand the car parts discussed in the blog to keep their car’s health in check. With the knowledge of these Car spare parts, car owners can reduce their auto repair costs by making informed decisions. Spare Owl is a perfect destination to find premium quality spare parts online at an affordable range. 

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